Monday, November 12, 2007

Zephyrus Issue 2 Reaction

Well, for this issue, I was very dissapointed with Zephyrus. I felt as though that there were a lot of redundancies and the articles seemed awfully monotnous--which in journalism is definetly not the goal. The point is to be concise and explain things quickly. However, in this issue, Zephyrus failed at that. Two smoking articles along with two 'Bee Movie' articles. How in the world in a highschool newspaper can you let that happen? With the limited space that we already have, why would you waste the inadequate amount of space that we already have? For future issues of Zephyrus, I think the staff (myself included) need to speak up and let writers know if we're not going to use their articles because of space issues.
Also, the response to the editor's letter was ridiculous. There was a name on the letter which should have been published and there should have also been a name addressed to the response. Personally, I don't think that that should have been published in the first place becasue it was extraneous to anything else in that issue. Since we're a monthly publication, wasting the already limited space with a blurb that people have already forgotten about is not being very consciencous with your space.
Hopefully we can improve for the next issue.