Sunday, September 9, 2007

The bathrooms at EHS.

Above all else, what bothers me the most at EHS is the bathrooms. However, I find that to be somewhat of a positive because it is only the bathrooms after all and there could be much worse things to complain about. What upsets me the most though, is how students conduct themselves in them. They're trashed. You'd be hard pressed to distinguish the difference between a trash dump and our bathrooms. It is no wonder why the nicest bathrooms in the school are locked except for special occasions. I don't blame the janitors, or the school for that matter (although it would be nice to be able to experience cleanliness at EHS). Now, I know it isn't every student that disrespects the bathrooms, it is a select few, and they know who they are. But, why do they do it? What's enjoyable about trashing a bathroom? Have some respect for not only the school, but above all else, yourself and how people percieve you.


Tommy McCann said...

I like it David.

We need to keep those bathrooms clean. It is garbage that kids trash the bathrooms I'm enraged at the kids who do this

Ashley said...

I agree with your blog David. For some reasons i wish the bathrooms were open so that it would be easier for us to get to them during passing time, but then we ha ve the whole rest of the edina population we have to make happy with clean bathrooms when they come to see a performance. Maybe after reading your blog, soem of the "bad" kids can stop doing that and help us keep a cleaner school

yorkdaley said...

Nice work david, it really is a problem. We should hire some janitors ourselves so the new bathrooms are open. The new principal probably wouldn't care, he seems like he is a pretty cool guy.