Monday, October 22, 2007

News Story Idea #2

Slug: How smooth the homecoming week/weekend went for staff, students, and the community.

Section: Features

Element 1: Prominence because the students care about the whole homecoming event. It's important because it is a fun time for everyone and anyone can get involved.

Element 2: Timliness because it happened only last week. The memories of the weekend are still fresh in everyone's mind.

Element 3: Human interest becasue it relates to people's emotions.

This story will be about how smooth the homecoming week/weekend was. In particular, how there were no events that involved police, no troubles at the dance, and nothing during the week prior. It's unsual for this to happen becasue during homecoming week, students generally get roudier.

Interview 1: Eric Nelson because he runs the student body.

Interview 2: Dr. Locklear because he is responsible for the actions of the school.

Interview 3: Officer Limbeck beacsue he knows the student population more than he probably should.

The information I need to gather are reviews of the week from people and staff.

Questions I need answered are how smoothly people thought everything went and/or didn't go. Also, what problems arose--if any.

Photos would need to be taken during the dance, or parade because this shows the spirit of the school at its finest. Anyone could take these pictures.

Concerns I have about this article would be getting accurate reports from everyone because no one is there really inspecting everything. People go to have a good time, not to be detectives.

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